Acrylic sheet

We sell and cut a wide variety of clear plexiglass acrylic sheets and ship all over the world. A great alternative to Perspex our Plastic sheets are available to buy in any colour, shape and size. Acme Plastics has a large selection of extruded and cast acrylic sheets. We carry Plexiglas, Acrylite, Lucite, Plaskolite as well as other brands.

Our selection of acrylic sheet includes colored acrylic sheet , fluorescent acrylic sheet , acrylic mirror sheet, acrylic textured surface pattern sheet, acrylic sheeting and acrylic abrasion resistant sheeting.

Uniting incredible strength with aesthetic beauty. Polymethyl Methacrylate acrylic , or PMMA, is one of the more widely used forms of acrylic due to its exceptional weatherability, strength, clarity and versatility. There are a variety of acrylic polymer . Find quality acrylic sheets online or in store.

Cast acrylic sheet with high transparency, easy processing characteristics. Can be used for a variety of industries. Supply all kinds of thicknesses.

We supply trade quality DIY and home improvement products at great low prices.

Acrylic sheet is also known as plexiglass or plexi. Many thicknesses in stock ready to order. Instant online price calculator.

Clear cast acrylic , also commonly referred to as Perspex Sheet , is a high quality and versatile clear plastic sheet material offering high levels of strength and clarity. Suitable for many applications, cast acrylic sheet is an easy material to work with. Crystal clear cast acrylic plexiglass sheet gives the high molecular weight benefits of cast acrylic , combined with outstanding thickness consistency! It polishes to a crystal clear clarity and is the superior brand for all types of . Shop now online or in-store for a great range of Flooring and Coverings. The cast acrylic sheet is translucent black.

Comparable to plexiglass, cast acrylic is a lightweight, rigid plastic that resists breakage better than glass and offers excellent weather resistance. Plastic refers to a group of synthetic or semi- synthetic materials that have been engineered to achieve specific properties. In need of clear plexiglass sheets?

Free Store Pickup at your neighborhood Ace. Largest range of Perspex acrylic sheets available cut to size. Also supplying extruded acrylic sheet , aluminium composite, PVC Foam, Polycarbonate.

This acrylic sheet comes in both extrude or “ continuous cast” acrylic, as well as cast acrylic.

Extruded acrylic is less expensive than cast acrylic, is softer, and can scratch easier. Here is a picture of what both cast and . Learn about the types of acrylic and the best practices for using it so that you can make the most of this material in your projects. Find great deals and get free shipping.

DURAPLEX high impact acrylic sheet is times stronger than glass, has excellent weatherability and insulating properties and is ideal for a variety do-it- yourself projects.