Ceiling sql

В следующем примере показано применение функции CEILING с положительными, отрицательными и нулевыми значениями. The following example shows positive numeric, negative, and zero values with the CEILING function. Например для числового выражения 12.

Функция FLOOR возвращает. Применение математических функций (Transact- SQL ) Сравнение функций CEILING и FLOOR.

Возвращает наименьшее целое число, которое больше или равно данному числовому выражению. Tip: See also the FLOOR() and ROUND() functions. Параметры или аргументы.

In SQL Server (Transact- SQL ), the CEILING function returns the smallest integer value that is greater than or equal to a number. Rounding can become misunderstood if the underlying data types and rounding functions are not understood. Depending on the data type (integer, float, decimal, etc.) the rounded value can be different. In addition, depending on the SQL Server rounding function (ROUND(), CEILING (), FLOOR()) used in .

Therefore, with the CEILZ function you might get unexpected. The CEILZ function does not fuzz the result. When called with a numeric argument, CEILING returns the smallest integer equal to or larger than the input argument. The SQL Rounding Numbers tutorial explains how to round numbers using SQL with four different functions: CEILING , FLOOR, ROUN and TRUNCATE.

This function takes as an . Chapter 4: SQL Functions. Returns the ceiling (smallest integer not less than) of a number. CEILING ( numeric-expression ). If scale_expr is negative and its absolute value is larger or equal to the number of leading digits in the input expression, an error is returned. If scale_expr is larger than the input expression scale, the function does not have any effect. If the rounding brings the number outside of a range, an error is returned.

It can be achieved with: select 0. I saw an interesting question today about rounding. Specifically they always wanted to round down. CEIL is as synonym for CEILING.

It did get me thinking and I figured it would make a good post.