Cembrit Zenit is a through-colored baseboard fully covered with a matching 1 acrylic, water-based paint in a number natural colors with an intense sheen. A strong, weather-proof cladding board characterized by its mute matt finish. During manufacturing, the through-colored board receives a unique surface treatment which makes it powerfully resistant towards water staining and dirt, ensuring a long-lasting and durable façade.

Cembrit Patina (formerly known as Cembonit ) is a decorative rainscreen cladding sheet formed from autoclaved fibre cement, that does not require edge sealing. Natura Park – Pardubice. Administrativní objekt – Pardubice.

Mocne, fasadowe płyty elewacyjne barwione w masie ze szczotkowaną stroną licową wzdłuż dłuższego boku. Płyty cechują się nieznacznymi różnicami w kolorze, ukazując grę światła i niuanse typowe dla wszystkich materiałów budowlanych. Fasádní desky Cembonit jsou přírodní desky určené k širokému spektru použití ve stavebnictví.

Desky lze použít pro zateplené i nezateplené fasády obytných, průmyslových a zemědělských objektů. Through-coloured cladding with a naturally attractive matt finish, Cembrit Patina ( previously known as Cembonit ) is a range of strong, autoclaved cladding panels characterised by their subtle finish. Patina boards are through coloured in nine attractive, muted natural colours.

During the production process, Patina receives a . Find ideas and inspiration for Cembonit Fiber Cement Panels Ideas to add to your own home. Biggersavingsltd 13060.

Browse photos of Cembonit. Graphite ( Grafit) (922). Vychutnejte si nekonečné možnosti od pestrých barev provedení Cembrit Cover až po přírodní povrchy s patinou. Snadná a rychlá montáž vláknocementových fasád.

Cembonit cladding from Cembrit, the roofing and cladding specialist, has successfully created an attractive finish for new multi-use units at a sustainable housing development in Hayes. Kingswood Place is a newly built housing development comprising residential homes and three commercial units. The stair tower of the apartment, which is situated on Westminster Place in the city centre, required a material which was attractive to look at and durable against weather straining. Ashford based cladding specialist, Teiko Lt was contracted to work on the project, predominantly installing Cembonit in Flint, . Cembrit Cembonit cladding has created a stylish finish for a new student accommodation in Liverpool. Theboardisthrough- coloured in your choice of one of mute natural colours.

See what people are saying and join the conversation. Свяжитесь напрямую с производителем для получения расценок и сведений относительно пунктов продаж. Release Date: Cembonit cladding from specialists Cembrit, has been used at a new performing arts centre at a school in London. Creating a modern addition to the current campus, the building looks striking yet complements the rest of the school.

Acland Burghley School needed an upgraded dance and music . The expression of Cembonit will change as the natural ageing of the fibre cement leaves subtle traces on the surface, as the facade acquries its patina. Triangel Company provides a complete supply of ventilated facades. The cladding material can be from brick plates, ceramic tiles and cladding stone.

We also offer a wide range of large format plates divided by material type into fibre cement, glass cement, glass, steel and others. Ceramic and stone interior tiles complete . A “before” picture tells the story. The vision was to modernize and add visual appeal to this bland and faded facade, including a re-imagined roofline . In this case an approximation is made.

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