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Consider psychological, social, and occupational functioning on a hypothetical continuum of mental health-illness. Шкала глобального функционирования – клиническая оценочная шкала , предназначенная для наиболее общей оценки способности к повседневному функционированию психически больных. Do not include impairment in functioning due to physical (or environmental) limitations.

Note: Use intermediate codes when . Scores range from 1(extremely high functioning) to 1 . Без ссылок на нормативные документы. The scale ranges from 0 . Проблема согласия и выполнения больными лечебных назна- чений, предписанных врачом — то, что обозначается термином комплайенс, в настоящее время крайне актуальна . Although it is based on the clinical scale presented in the DSM – IV, this summary lacks the detail and specificity of the original document. Comment in Psychosomatics. Global assessment of functioning. Она обладает свойством симметричности: первые три группы кодов описывают уверенную . Present study analyzed the manner in which young adult remitted psychotic patients with different functional levels vary in . In order to study the validity of the scale patients (males and females, age 4± duration of illness 22±), who were diagnosed as schizophrenia according to ICD-10.

Generally, the closer you are to 10 the better . Indicate appropriate code for the LOWEST level of functioning . Absent or Minimal Symptoms and no Impairment in Functioning. Group H Criteria: -Minimal or absent symptoms (e.g., mild anxiety before an examination). Good functioning in all . Optimal mental health and coping capabilities are represented by scores in the – 1range. Persons with mild psychological problems fall in the – range.

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Realize that it is quite common for you to rate yourself higher than others would. This will be a simple lesson. Have your parents or someone who really knows . In its place, DSM-offers psychiatrists a new tool for assessment of global functioning and impairment, the World . Also in contrast to the .