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Пластик, армированный стекловолокном, или GRP — Glassfiber Reinforced Plastic — это композит, состоящий как минимум из двух разных материалов. Преимущества каждого материала при их объединении дают суммарный эффект. Вяжущее и усиливающее вещество обычно . Производственный материал INTERTEC из армированного стекловолокном полиэфира (GRP). Наружные оболочки приборных кожухов INTERTEC изготавливаются с использованием армированного непрерывным стекловолокном полиэфира ( GRP ). Материал производится путем различных процессов, .

The benefits of each material are united to achieve an overall effect. A binder or matrix and reinforcing material is commonly used to combine the physically differing raw materials. Their molecules do not . With the combination of fiberglass and resin the gas content of the material was replaced by plastic. This reduced the insulation properties to values typical of the plastic, but now for the first time the composite showed great strength and promise as a structural and building material. Confusingly, many glass fiber composites . Glass-reinforced plastic – Simple English , the free.

Like carbon fibre reinforced plastic, the composite material is commonly referred to by the name of its reinforcing fibres (fiberglass). Other benefits include: has a good weight to strength .

Широкий диапазон рабочих температур. Хорошая стойкость к химическому воздействию. Прекрасные изоляционные свойства.

Рентабельный материал для работы в суровых атмосферных условиях. Примеры перевода, содержащие „ grp material “ – Русско-английский словарь и система поиска по миллионам русских переводов. Frp material is used for its high mechanical strength, light weight, corrosion and what are the properties of grp. According the improvement in engineering and production fiel the changes in material subject would play a vital role with any changes in design, structure, performance or efficiency of the product. In some cases, single specification of a material would not satisfy the needs of product.

The material is produced by combining thermosetting polyester resin and glass fibres under strictly controlled factory conditions. Glass-Reinforced-Plastic Material Properties On loading a GRP material such as CSM-polyester in a short-term tensile test, it is found that the behavior is approximately linearly elastic to failure, which occurs by a brittle fracture at a strain of 1. The short- term mechanical properties may thus be characterized by an . Glass fibres are applied into the. GRP pipes and storage tanks. In order to use these materials in more general civil engineering applications, the designer should work from first principles using methods such as those described in this chapter. A number of design datasheets on . With a knowledge of the appropriate moduli and strengths, elastic design formulae may be used for stress and deformation analysis of GRP materials under short-term loads.

First developed during WWGRP material is stong, lightweight, naturally watertight, aesthetically pleasing and has great longevity. GRP composites can be developed specifically for the performance required versus traditional materials : woo metal, ceramics, etc.

Some of the main advantages of Technowood GRP are:. KeywordssGRP box beam, structural characteristics, design, calculation, manufacture. INTRODUCTION GRP box beam is a kind of reasonable and effective structural form in the use of GRP in heay long— span structures.

This which combines the advangtages of both the GRP materials and the box beam structures and . Other points to note from Table l are the low interlaminar shear strength of all GRP materials and the differences observed between tensile and flexural properties, with fiexural modulus usually below, and flexural strength above, the tensile values, as a result of the inhomogeneous structure of the material.