Hammock camping

What are the benefits to hammock camping and why should you leave the tent behind? Feb The first thing I do when setting camp up is dig out my hammock. This is always followed by stares while everyone else is setting up their tents. Sleeping under the stars in a hammock might seem a little crazy for those used to sleeping in a tent. The confusion usually leads to questions.

Illustration by Michael Byers.

But this trip felt more urgent than others. I had been working at a crowded biological research station in the Appalachians of North Carolina, eating, sleeping, and snoring with a dozen others in close . Dec I make this claim as an experienced backpacker who has happily ground-slept for decades. My motivation for hammock camping was curiosity, not dissatisfaction with ground sleeping. The more experience I acquire however, the more obvious it became that hammocks were a more practical and efficient . Just getting started or looking for the basics to share?

Here is a collection of blog posts that should get you started. This list will be amended as I write more content.

Because it offers a bunch of distinct advantages. The spacious and durable Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest is an excellent hammock for outdoor lovers. It also comes in a bunch of different cool colors. For those new to camping in a hammock , it can be confusing and cause for anxiety.

Bugs, weather, and back . Our 1guide shows you how to camp in a hammock and contains reviews of the top camping hammocks. When you combine the cool, fresh air, the smell of the dirt, trees (or maybe salty air, if that’s more your style) with the comfort of a great hammock, you’re on your way to much better sleep than you’d get on your average backpacking or camping trip. But make sure you’re prepared for your . Hammock camping is fantastic. Our comprehensive beginners guide covers all the basics – including setting up.

I have been asks many times about what I do with my backpack and boots when under a tarp in a hammock. At last, you will never need to find a level campsite. We specialize in custom made hammock insulation manufactured with the highest quality materials available today.

Our revolutionary, anatomically contoured under quilt design is keeping thousands of hammock campers comfortably above ground from Austin . Sleeping in a hammock has some real advantages over sleeping in a tent once you get used to it. Chief among them is mobility: you can pitch camp just about anywhere below treeline. This is handy if you want to beat the crowds and camp in solitude or if you are between shelters and you need to stop for the evening.

Due to the absence of poles and the reduced amount of material use they tend to be significantly lighter than a tent.

Their reduced weight often in less space inside than a .