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The intelligent membrane for greater safety. Our new membrane offers a higher variability for optimum protection. The membrane can be simply and quickly installed by just one worker.

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High performance smart vapour retarder with a hook- and-loop fastener system. Performance characteristics.

Worldwide leader for sustainable . It expands your design possibilities and most importantly provides a good deal more safety from moisture. Its use is especially advisable, if it is required to reduce dissipation of heat from the interior (air tightness) and stress the constructions are exposed to due to humidity migration from interior to exterior. Vaše hodnotenie: Doprava zdarma NOVINKA. Inteligentná parobrzda s premenlivým difúznym odporom a UV-stabilizáciou. It adapts to the climate to help protect your building from the adverse effects of moisture build-up, helping . Pare-vapeur avec une grande variabilité.

Grande adaptabilité dans les conditions climatiques les plus extrêmes. Peut être détaché aisément moyennant des rubans scratch. AddThis Sharing Buttons. ISOVER VARIO XTRASAFE 1. De opgave van prijs slaat uitsluitend op de artikelen zoals het woordelijk wordt omschreven.

Anwendungsbereiche: Außenwände, Dächer. Vario XtraSafe – Products. Die Klimamembran für noch mehr Sicherheit.

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