Kensington roof gardens

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Kensington Roof Gardens (Сады на крыше дома на улице Кенсингтон). Open for visitors during the day, it features palm trees, flamingos and high class restaurant. Good availability and great rates.

Book online, pay at the hotel. Life-sized chess and Connect both feature here. While the gardens might be free for the public to frolic . Originally designed as an escape from London rather than a pedestal above it, the Roof Gardens comprises of three themed gardens spanning across 1. Hidden on top of the old Derry and Toms (later Biba) department store, one hundred feet above .

Marvin, himself sang them! It was added to the Derry and Toms department store at the particular behest of Trevor Bowen, Chairman of Barkers, the building having been constructed to allow for its future creation. Walk among Mediterranean trees of the Spanish gardens, mingle with the resident birds in the English Woodland Garden and find shade under the parasols in . Booking now from only £ 12. Its relaxe party atmosphere makes it comfortable and welcoming whether out for post supper drinks or partying with a group of friends.

Babylon Restaurant is located . A treat for the eyes and ears this pop-up is focused more towards its plush surroundings and superb music collection. There were no found. Car Parks Street Private.

Featuring up-to-date information on top attractions, hotels nearby, travel tips and more. One of our resident flamingos. The Copthorne Tara Hotel. Incredible view with a unique walk around garden.

Pink flamingos, ducks and fountains.