Kerto standarddimensioner

Kerto can be delivered within manufacturing limits of 1. The standard thicknesses are available . Kerto LVL S-beam is a LVL beam product that is strong and dimensionally stable. It is the ideal choice for beams whenever long spans are required. Kerto S can be coate to blend in with the rest of the architecture, creating a harmonious aesthetic. KERTO S: STANDARD SIZES. All the veneers are laid in the same direction, delivering a product perfect for beams, whatever the specification, and for achieving long spans with minimal deflection.

Standard Kerto -S UK sizes. Förutom produktion av standard – och specialbalkar erbjuder. Moelven Töreboda kvalificerad rådgivning redan i projekt- starten samt utvecklar specialkonstruktioner vid . Kerto -T, a new product by Metsa Woo is similar to Kerto -S but is made from lighter veneers and is produced for use as a stud in both load-bearing and non load-bearing walls. Depth 1– 3mm (in mm gradation).

Lengths to a maximum of 12. Kerto -S laminated veneer lumber (LVL) is manufactured so that all its veneers are laid in the same direction. It is lightweight and offers high strength and dimensional stability, which makes it suitable for long span beams. It is also suitable for joists, lintels, intrussed constructions and frames, and is widely used in the . Metsä Wood sees itself as a system provider and supplies the facade components in combination . Donaldson Timber Engineering are the Largest manufacturers of Roof Trusses and I-Joists in the UK using Sustainably Sourced Timber. To compare the diagrams of appropriate calculations and explain differences between them.

To make conclusions about the usage of LVL Kerto -S products for structures in the Russian market. These aims were solved for standard sizes of Kerto -S products in the thesis within the borders of structural mechanics, strength of . Kerto beams and panels are delivered in customer lengths or market area specific standard lengths. The maximum length of a product is m. The tolerances of dimensions at the reference moisture content of.

The second block was band-sawn using optimised posting for green standardised sizes of sawn timber, and the sawn timber was then kiln-dried to moisture content. Subsequently, the sawn timber was planed to the final standard dimensions. Finally, the net cubic volume of the dry, plane trimmed planks and boards . Like other structural buiding panels, L-panels can be cut to custom dimensions , and feature good bending strength, stiffness, and a high strength-to-weight ratio. Kerto -S can be coate to blend in with the rest of the architecture. VÄRI SAADAAN LISÄÄMÄLLÄ.

KErto -s: standard siZEs. Trækonstruktioner kan undersøge udnyttelsen af standard træprofiler fra trætabellen, som indeholder rektangulære og cirkulære profiler af konstruktionstræ, rektangulære limtræsprofiler samt rektangulære profiler af typerne Kerto -Q og HQL-limtræ. Programmet opstiller oversigter for træk-, tryk- og forskydningsudnyttelse af . Open the catalogue to page 7. Completely and universally combinable. The following dimensions are .