Magnabend is a new concept in sheetmetal forming which gives you much more freedom to make the shapes you want. This page contains links to various other pages that have lots of information about the Magnabend electromagnetic sheet metal folding machine. The Magnabend sheetmetal bending machine is a highly versatile and easy to use machine for bending all types of sheetmetal such as aluminium, cop- per, steel, and stainless steel. The electromagnetic clamping system provides more freedom to form the workpiece into complex shapes.

Roper Whitney Electro Magnetic Brake The Magnabend. Magnabend offers performance characteristics no conventional bending brake can match.

The unique electromagnetic design of the keeper clamping system allows you to form many complex shapes not possible before. THE ORIGINAL MAGNABEND ! Full range of spares and accessories available for shipping Ex Melbourne. Superior clamping force along with unquestionable build quality leaves no question that this is . Все товары Magnabend – адреса магазинов в Украине, цены, описание на портале Prom. Machines4u and its private sellers and dealers have Magnabend machines for sale. All new Magnabend machines incorporate the latest technology to make the design and user experience even more enjoyable.

On the other han there are used Magnabend equipment in all sizes and configuration to meet your needs . Компания ТАПКО-М предлагает оборудование Magnabend.

The Magnabend is a machine for folding sheet metal and is a common item used in the metal work environment. It can be used to bend both magnetic metals like galvanised steel and nonmagnetic metals such as brass and aluminium. The machine is different from other folders as it clamps the work . The MAGNABEND is a multipurpose and easy to use folding machine.

You can folding aluminum, copper, steal, stainless steal and covered material. The powerful electromagnetic system care a large folding freedom for make boxes, squares without problems. Профессиональный листогиб Magnabend , гарантия месяцев, послегарантийное обслуживание, поставка запасных частей. Magnabend – это новый концепт обработки листового металла, который дает больше возможностей для создания желаемой формы изделия. Это наиболее универсальное и простое в использовании оборудование.

Преимущество листогиба, которое выгодно отличает его от ручных механических машин . This double bender is designed to speed up the bending process of rebar. Compared to conventional table benders, the material handling and operation of the double bender saves labor by eliminating and man bending for long and heavy bars. The range of Magnabend folding machines are available through Metal Solutions Ltd. It comes complete with one full length and ten shorter keepers of varying lengths to accommodate a full range of width requirements. A wide variety of complex shapes can be formed with Magnabend.

These include rolled edges up 330°, partial length bends, closed shapes, unlimited depth for boxes and heavier material bends (up to ga.) in shorter widths. Оборудование Magnabend надежное и долговечное при эксплуатации.