HELPING TO SECURE THE FUTURE WITH A GREEN ROOF. A green roof is a relatively simple solution within the housing sector. The long-term and permanent functionality of green roofs depends upon multiple factors. Reliable and established products that comply with the guidelines of green roofing are important.

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We gladly provide more products . High level of biodiversity. A habitat for butterflies, bees and other insects. Long flowering window annually. Use of recycled plastic materials. Generally suitable for inverted roofs, if applicable.

Minimum load for wind up-lift protection should be. Many commercial and municipal buildings have green roofs and are prime examples for the implementation of large-scale projects – so why not do the same on a smaller scale with a green roof on a private house?

Cost efficient combination of green roofs and photovoltaics. Higher build-up of the photovoltaic modules in order to avoid shading. Vegetation also beneath the modules. Low maintenance requirement. Tested in a wind tunnel.

Increased output of the photovoltaic system. Inverted roof: generally . Ecologically valuable green roofing. Habitat for butterflies and wild bees, among others. Long-lasting and colorful blooming effect. Extensive and onefold intensive.

Zelené střechy jsou krásné, zelené střechy jsou přírodní, zelené střechy poskytují mnoho způsobů využití. Zelené střechy slouží každému – jednotlivci, průmyslovým firmám, městům a obcím. Une toiture végétalisée n’est pas seulement esthétique et naturelle, elle offre également de nombreux avantages. La végétalisation de toiture est accessible à tous : particuliers, industrie ou communes.

Optigreen Drainage Board FKD Plus. We offer a high quality range of products and solutions.

With the help of the SYMBOL, the page number and the right- hand tab, . The new mm (in.) high element made from 1 recycled plastic combines the functions of flow delay and drainage. Due to the structure of . See what people are saying and join the conversation. The Green Team is a beginner and intermediate level Optimist racing program, designed to build on the basic sailing and rudimentary racing skills learned in Level 1-classes. Younger sailors who have shown advancement in boat-handling, seamanship, and general knowledge are eligible to participate . For water storage and directed drainage of surplus water, especially from the eaves (use on total roof surface and substitute for RMS 5for roofs with a roof pitch of 15° or greater) .