Petersen tegl bricks

A range of handcrafted , horizontal building ceramics intended for masonry and tiling. Find textures for visualisation and examples. Once the clay has been processe the bricks are handmade in wooden moulds . Jun The monolithic gray- brick walls are perforated in bands to admit speckled light to the zone between the ruins and the galleries above. Kolumba Museum, Peter Zumthor.

Jan The method gives the clay the optimum texture with capillars and air voids leaving room for the water to expand when it freezes, without damaging the brick. The fact that bricks can absorb water does not in itself constitute a risk of frost damage. Finally reunited with the unfinished work for the final stage of brick production. A typical British brick is 215x102x65mm). A very special type of brick adorns the exterior of 1East 88th Street.

A truly international building. Though the building that houses the luxury Upper East . The structure of the handmade bricks leaves the building façade with a beautiful, rustic and exclusive look. The Danish brickwork brand is internationally renowned for their high quality products and excellent craftsmanship, and supplies a full range of unique brick products. Petersen Tegl products have been used in a host of . It is now used in construction projects all over the world.

The Royal Theatre Playhouse on the Copenhagen waterfront is the largest . The method is demanding, yet necessary to achieve the colour play in light and dark shades. As a result of the firing metho minimal dimension variations and cracks may occur but these are irrelevant for the durability of the bricks. For many years, the 226-year-old company was a simple brickyard producing yellow wirecut bricks , but that changed radically when Christian A. Instead of streamlining the process in order to . This process adds vibra. Discover (and save) your own Pins on Pinterest. All products are made by hand from special clay imported from England.

The facade bricks were originally designed in conjunction with Peter Zumthor. During the baking process, the bricks are treated with steam which . The building is a contemporary curtain-wall building, but with brick façades in a pattern of slanting bricks , a so-called sawtooth bond. The bricks range in colour from palest dove grey to almost black. The peninsula of Jutland lay on the boundary of the ice sheets of .