Rooftop tour stockholm

See Stockholm from the rooftops on a guided tour , well secured with safety equipment. Along with the walk it self comes two. Come with us, hear the history and be amazed by the view! Do you want to use your gift certificate to book?

Please look in the calendar which date you´d like to go and what time. Send that to us together with your giftcardnumber in order .

I had the opportunity yesterday to try another fun activity here in Stockholm. The tough life of a Concierge! We are happy to present guided tours from one of Stockholms most exciting rooftops ! Ntt=STOTry something sensational and unique while visiting. Looking for a little adrenaline on your city getaway? Try out the roof top tour in Stockholm for some spectacular photography opportunities and great views.

Yes, you can pay to walk across the rooftops of Stockholm , and the view from up top is amazing. Sweden, from a different perspective?

Then a roof top tour on the small islan. The last time I was on the roof of a high building, I was very drunk at a party in New Orleans. The sun was rising and I was barely in control of the drink in my han let alone my balance.

Things are vastly different on this roof in Stockholm , the self-declared capital of Scandinavia. By Lola (Akinmade) Åkerström . STOCKHOLM — Standing on a Stockholm street on this summer day with about a dozen other tourists, I contemplate the youngish woman who will be our guide for the next minutes or so. Rooftop Tours in Stockholm. A fun and adventurous way of seeing the city, via a system of secure catwalks and ladders over metres above the busy streets. During the 13th century, Franciscan monks built a monastery here, parts of which still remains in the cellar vaults of . Picture yourself 1feet above the groun . What better place to view a beautiful cityscape than from a rooftop ? Well you can do just that with a little rooftop hiking in Stockholm.

A Swedish tour company offers a thrilling reason to scale urban buildings. A walking tour held at a lofty 1feet above the ground could be just the thing. Secured by ropes, you can wander all over the cities most famous sites, such as the 13th century Old Parliament building. Book your activities with Yonderbound. Here they offer a unique rooftop tour that is perfect for those not afraid of heights!

Photography by Takvandring.

You can climb on the rooftops and see Stockholm from above .