Sveriges ledande leverantör av Varmvalsad S355MCD. Vi har Varmvalsad S355MCD och mycket mer på lager. Dim1=(L)Length, Dim2=(W)Width. Buy hot rolled plate from Tibnor stock here.

List price = Price excluding quantity supplements, packaging, certificate and shipping according to our conditions of sale. SSAB Domex 355MC is a hot-rolle high-strength low-alloy (HSLA) steel that features consistent quality and excellent engineering properties.

Meets or exceeds the requirements of S355MC. In order to be able to meet our customers´ requirements for quality and quick deliveries, we have to maintain a comprehensive stock of sheet metal. For example, DC-from 0. It combines high strength with outstanding formability and consistent quality. It replaces conventional construction steel for applications where high strength is paramount. It is ideal for load-bearing and lifting applications including earthmoving equipment and . Domex cold forming steels are thermo-mechanically rolled in modern plants where the heating, rolling and cooling processes are carefully controlled.

The chemical analysis, consisting of low levels of carbon and manganese has precise addition of grain refiners such as niobium, titanium or vanadium. Information om plåt, stålplåt, tunnplåt, grovplåt, kallvalsad plåt.

Two structural steels: NV E← platform material. NV E36: perlitic steel large grain size elongated sulphides. DOMEX: Low carbon steel ferritic microstructure small grains low in S and P offshore applications. Specimens of the platform deck material and a DOMEX S3MCD carbon steel were tensile tested immersed in liquid nitrogen. Both steels showed a considerable increase in yield- and fracture strength and a large increase in the Lüders strain compared to the room temperature behavior.

A cryogenic spill was simulated . Toimittaja, ARCELOR COMMERCIAL SECTIONS SA. Tuotteen mitat: Tilavuus l. Lämpade för transport av mindre stofthaltig luft eller andra gaser i ventilations- och industrianläggningar. P-hjulet har relativt hög verkningsgrad. Stål, S3MCD , – 50.

SSAB Domex 355MC är ett varmvalsat, höghållfast låglegerat (HSLA) stål som har jämnt kvalitet och utmärkta bearbetningsegenskaper. Uppfyller eller överskrider kraven på S355MC. Cazana searches vehicle numberplates starting with S355M and also provides valuable vehicle history. Click here to find similar products.

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