Scala hello world

These tutorials will get you writing Scala code as quickly as possible. Перейти до The “ Hello , world ! Program – As a first example, we use the standard “ Hello , world ! Scala tools without knowing too much about the language. Кеш Схожі Перекласти цю сторінку лист. In this tutorial, we will go over how to use IntelliJ IDE to create your first Scala application. If you have done previous programming in other languages, you will certainly have come across the infamous Hello World program.

Save the file as − HelloWorld. Open the command prompt window and go to the directory where the program file is saved. Scala is one of the most attractive programming languages out right now.

There is a lot of hype around it and programmers world -wide are publicly recognizing it as the possible next big thing in programming. Scala is all about functional programming in an object oriented context. When using this approach, any command-line arguments to your application are implicitly available through an args object, which is inherited from the App trait. Разъяснение содержания и особенностей программы. Звездочки в начале строк не имеют никакого значения, они написаны просто для выделения . A Scala Hello, world tutorial.

Demonstrates two ways to create a Hello. Check out this Hello World example. Contribute to hello – world. A first scala project to test out sbt.

Hello – world Scala project using Maven as build tool. Type the following command to the terminal. When prompted for the project name, type hello. Zero to Hello World in Scala. For many developers, the first big hurdle in learning a new language is overcome when they can write and run a basic command-line application in an IDE.

Although Scala developers can use the excellent REPL that comes with the scala app, being able to write and . In this article, we will write a simple Hello World program in Scala using Eclipse IDE. In previous post, we installed mesos on ubuntu. Create a new Scala project hello.

In this post we are going to look at simple hello world on mesos. Here we are going to code a distributed shell which runs shell commands on any machine on the mesos cluster. This post assumes that you have running mesos. If not, install and configure .