Scala sdk intellij

You used to be able to add Scala to a module using Add Framework Support but Scala is no longer listed as a framework. By default, it is enabled and you can see the type aware highlighting icon icon located at the bottom of the user interface. Sometimes you will need to call it again, when dependency to IDEA will be updated. Import sources as SBT project. Choose directory with your scala -plugin repository.

Under Platform Settings, select SDKs and then click new to define a new SDK. You can just click on the Add. A Module here is simply a Jar file or directory containing classes.

A better approach is: Create the project using Maven and the . Кеш Перекласти цю сторінку On the left panel, select Scala. On the right panel, select Scala once again. If Scala is not an option, select SBT. IntelliJ keep asking for Setup Scala SDK after.

To the right of the Scala SDK fiel click the Create button. First, make sure you have the Java JDK installed. Best if you prefer a full-featured IDE . For Project SDK , click New and locate the folder containing the JDK you recently downloaded. OR you can directly download the JDK from . The installing progress is like this: 5. Create Scala project: a) Select “ Create New Project “: 11.

Select a valid name for project and a folder to store project files: 12. Fill Project SDK with JDK directory: 13. Contribute to intellij -pants-plugin development by creating an account on GitHub. For the most part, it only touches files in your home directory, or in other system directories you tell it to open files from.

Перейти до Запуск приложения Spark Scala в кластере HDInsight Spark – В раскрывающемся списке для параметра Spark version (Версия Spark) мастер создания проекта Scala интегрирует правильную версию пакета SDK для Spark и пакета SDK для Scala. In the Spark version drop-down list, Scala project . Fill out the settings according to the above and press OK to import the project. Set the Project SDK path to the location of where you installed Java 7. The project structure and Java classes you can use to manage projects and modules have been considered. Is there a way to set it for all the modules ?