Velux window sizes codes

Every VELUX window has its own personalized type sign which consists of codes that tell you what window you have. This can help when choosing to add a blin accessory or the . Once you have located your data plate and have made a note of the window type and size details, please check the codes below to see which window size code is compatible. Shop using our VELUX window sizes chart. Find the model number of the window that fits your space and use it to shop the VELUX window sizes and prices you need more easily. In most cases the Type Sign is located at the top right-hand of the sash, behind the control bar.

VELUX windows can often be confusing with the range of sizes , model numbers and window codes that are applied to each window. But with our easy to navigate VELUX chart you can discover the exact window . Your VELUX style window carries a unique plate featuring a code that details the model and size of your window. This can be found by opening the roof window and on one side of the inner frame there should be a plate – please see diagram below: What this code is telling you. Determine VELUX window codes including Size Chart.

To find out what size your VELUX window is, open your VELUX window and you will see a metal plate as shown below: In the box on the left side, as highlighted you will find your window code. You can enter this window code into our site to find the prices for blinds to . This window comes with a combination of toughened and laminated panes that when combined with a reinforced construction and extra locks ensures high-levels of security. Find and save ideas about Velux window sizes on Pinterest. See more ideas about Velux skylight sizes , Kitchen extension velux windows and Kitchen extension velux. VELUX roof windows with extra security features are recommended if your roof is easily accessible.

Single story rear extension? The Keylite Roof Window range is available in both standard and non-standard sizes. Ознакомьтесь с ассортиментом мансардных окон VELUX , который включает в себя широкую линейку мансардных окон и аксессуаров, которые помогут сделать вашу мансарду комфортной, светлой и уютной.

The below illustration shows a VELUX window type sign. Type signs differ in appearance depending on the model of your window. Most roof window manufacturers include a type sign like this on their windows that shows the window type and size. To order a blind you will need to specify: Window type and window size.

How to find your VELUX window size code. When ordering skylight blinds to fit VELUX windows you need to know your VELUX window size code. Open the window and locate your data plate on the inside . This quide is to show you how to get your window code to order VELUX window blinds.

The type (1) and size (2) of your VELUX window are found on the data plate. Use our new size finder tool, to get your correct window details. Also, get in touch with us and shop at Keylite Blinds now.

Please carefully check your VELUX window reference plate and make sure the exact type and size codes are selected. VCM – low-pitch opening skylight. Actual Skylight dimensions mm.

GGU – roof window , EVERFINISH.